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Process safety management


Based on decades of science and experience our experts can offer specialist consultancy and advice to assist with your process.

Safety powder handling regulatory testing


Our fully fitted laboratory can perform a full range of process safety testing including; dust explosion testing, chemical reaction hazards, aerosol flammability and REACH.

Chemical testing training


Tailored training courses designed to increase your staff’s skill levels and breach any knowledge gaps.

Process safety management

Chemical reaction hazards

At Kindlow Safety Services your process safety management is our number one priority. Our dedicated team have over 100 years combined experience stemming from industry and have heritage derived from Ciba Geigy. Their expertise and knowledge are world renowned, specialising in process safety testing, dust explosion testing, powder handling, chemical reaction hazards investigations, reaction kinetics, thermal stability testing, vent sizing, aerosol flammability, compliance testing (REACH & classification labelling and packaging), incident investigation, plant audits, consultancy and training.

In order to provide safe working parameters, maintain care for the environment and to protect your business, it is necessary to control hazards and potential hazards such as dust explosions, thermal decomposition and runaway chemical reactions. Here at Kindlow Safety Services we understand how crucial safety is to any chemical process or unit operation and to help make these processes safer, our laboratory offers process safety testing to define the characteristics of your chemical processes and their safe processing parameters. We also understand that no two companies are the same and pride ourselves on excellent customer service; providing a flexible approach to suit your company's needs and requirements.