About Kindlow

As with many companies, our laboratory has had many names over the years but essentially have retained the same team and their expertise. The laboratory has now been in operation for over 50 years.

Kindlow Safety Services’ heritage is derived from Ciba Geigy’s chemical safety services group but has also been known as Ciba Expert Services, under Ciba Specialty Chemicals, BASF and Intertek before becoming Kindlow Safety Services.

Based in the United Kingdom but serving companies worldwide, Kindlow Safety Services provides process safety testing, consultancy and bespoke training to support companies in managing the changing needs and challenges of today’s industrial environment. Our team has expert knowledge originating from industry which gives them key insight into the challenges our customers face.

As a result we can provide more in depth interpretation of test results and offer guidance and advice to help ensure your plant’s safety and company’s interests. Here at Kindlow Safety Services we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and appreciate that different companies have different needs and requirements. As such our team can provide a flexible approach to help meet those needs in a manner that best suits our customers old and new.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred supplier of process safety testing globally.