Consultancy Services

Dust explosion testing

Kindlow Safety Services are able to provide safety consultancy based on decades of science and practice.

Process plants can be quite complex and the hazards may not always be so apparent. Our team’s experience, technical know-how and manufacturing expertise are available to support your operational needs; determine your safety requirements, process control measures and minimise your process hazards.

Our highly qualified team can support your operational needs and enhance your business performance in:

  • Chemical hazard assessments
  • Operational hazard assessments
  • Powder handling operations
  • Electrostatic hazards
  • ATEX
  • Emergency relief system design (using DIERS methodology)
  • Basis of Safety
  • Site Auditing
  • EH&S compliance assessments
  • Management Systems
  • Technical consulting
  • Accident Investigation
  • QRA
  • Risk analysis
Chemical testing consultancy 01
Chemical testing consultancy 02
Chemical testing consultancy 03