Dust explosion testing

Dust explosion testing

including Powder explosion testing

Dusts and powders can be a potential danger to any process, so knowing if it is combustible is highly important.

The handling of fine dusts and powders can lead to the formation of dust clouds that in turn can be combustible. Depending on the ignition sensitivity and the presence of an ignition source, a combustible dust cloud could be ignited, leading to an explosion.

Dust explosions can have a catastrophic effect on any plant or industry; causing substantial property damage, business interruption, damage to the environment, personal injuries and even loss of life. As such it is important to know if your dust is combustible in order to maintain safe operating conditions.

Dusts and powders are often used or created in production processes but the dangers that they can pose are under estimated, as incidents involving dust explosions continue to occur. In order to understand and classify the potential danger of a dust, certain tests must be performed. To ascertain if a dust or powder is combustible a simple 'Go / No Go' screening test can be conducted. If the results show that the sample is combustible, further testing can be undertaken to find out its dust explosion severity.

Our dedicated Fire and Explosion section has extensive experience in dust and powder testing and can assist in helping you determine your testing requirements.


    • Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) (with or without inductance)
    • Modified Hartmann (StH)
    • Kst, Pmax, St rating
    • Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) / Minimum Explosive Concentration (MEC)
    • Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC)
    • Minimum Auto Ignition Temperature (MAIT) of dust clouds (BAM)
    • Layer Ignition Temperature (LIT)
    • Bulk Resistivity
    • Burning classification
    • Gas evolution
    • Deflagration screening
    • Temperature stability / decomposition
    • Bulk thermal stability / Hot storage testing
    • Bulk density
    • Oxidative stability (Grewer)
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